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Bezzy Capabilties

-Loyalty Fraud

  • Cards Used Multiple Times in a day, week, month, issuing servers

  • High Card Point Amounts

  • Most Transactions During a Period


High Comps

  • Comps by Server

  • # Comps per Server by Issuing Manager

  • Comps by Managers

  • High Comp Threshold Alerts

  • Most Used Comps

  • Trends Over A Long Period (Month or Quarter)

High Voids

  • Voids by Servers

  • # Voids per Server by Issuing Manager

  • Voids by Managers

  • Most Used Voids

  • Trends Over A Long Period (Month or Quarter



  • Cash Void Alerts

  • Cash Void Deep Dive for Fraud

  • Paid Out Totals and Alerts

  • Cash Out Alert

  • No Deposit



  • Total Permissions Audit To Ensure Checks & Balancing of Business



  • High Labor Trends

  • Overtime Threshold Alerts (Approaching Overtime)

  • High Tip % of Sales

  • Declaration of Cash Tips

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